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   Success Story 

 How TARAhaat made a difference in the life of the person - Vikas Kumar

He is financially independent at the age of 17. At an age when most youngsters of his age only begin to think about their career, Vikas has found a job. A five week computer accounting course at a TARAkendra has helped him find a job. It was so simple that he had to repeat his story many times to make his friends realize what a difference quality education, if available at the right time and place, can make to one’s life.. Resident of Dashmesh Nagar in Goniana Mandi, Vikas handles the accounts of a rice merchant in the village of Harraipur, which has a population of about 4000 people, just 5 km from Goniana. For him, successfully competing the 10+2 exams, and then completing the Tally course offered by the TARAkendra at Goniana, and then getting a job, seem like a dream come true. Before enrolling for the course, he had been helping his father manage the family’s grocery shop, even though the business did not require the additional help. He is now happy that he too is an earning member of his family and can pursue further studies without burdening his father. He has since introduced many of his friends to the TARAkendra. His success now serves as a motivation for his friends.


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