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TARAhaat is a Development Alternatives Enterprise. Development Alternatives, a pioneer sustainable development enterprise was established in 1983 as a not for profit research, development and action organization. With two decades of experience and over 400 professionals, the DA Group has had a profound impact on the creation of sustainable livelihoods, specifically in the innovation and application of appropriate technologies and their distribution through micro enterprises in rural India. It is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a scientific research institution.

The Development Alternatives (DA) Group comprises Development Alternatives and its associate organizations in India:
  • Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (TARA).
  • TARAhaat Information and Marketing Services Ltd.
  • TARA Nirman Kendra and Decentralized Energy Systems India Ltd.
  • TARA Environmental Products and Services Private Limited.

Activities of the DA Group have been supported by the Indian Government and by international agencies including those of Switzerland, Canada, United States, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and the European Union. The Group’s efforts have been recognized through numerous national and international awards including the prestigious United Nations Sasakawa Environment Prize, the Stockholm Challenge Award, the Klaus Schwab Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise, the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize of the Indian Science Academy and the UN Global 500 Roll of Honor.

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