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Cooking Stoves (Chullahs)

Shell Foundation's mission is to develop, scale-up and promote enterprise-based solutions to the challenges arising from the impact of energy and globalization on poverty and the environment.

Breathing Space tackles 'Indoor Air Pollution' - caused by the use of fires and fuel-burning stoves for cooking and heating in many developing world homes – by deploying approaches that are market-oriented and commercially viable. 1.6 million People die prematurely each year from IAP. That is a life lost every 20 seconds.

Breathing Space aims to achieve a significant long-term reduction in IAP by designing stoves that are more emission and fuel efficient - and by developing a sustainable way to get them in to people’s homes. To do this it deploys approaches that are market-oriented and commercially viable - representing a radical departure from most traditional methods.

Breathing Space spent three years running pilot projects in seven different countries and completed an extensive audit of past attempts to reduce IAP. By 2006 it had also committed $10million, sold 200,000 stoves – and improved the lives of more than a million people.

It is currently scaling-up its most successful operations - with a vision to sell 20 million stoves in five countries in the next five years, employing US$55 million. TARAhaat is playing an active role of partner to achieve the common goal of reaching to 20 million households. TARAhaat is targeting 52 districts spread over three states i.e. UP, MP and Rajasthan.
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