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The Union Government of India and State governments have launched a plethora of schemes for the betterment of people in rural India. These schemes aim to benefit women, farmers, senior citizens, students, girl children, entrepreneurs, and widows living in rural areas. However, the lack of information about these has left the beneficiaries bereft of the desired benefits.

TARAhaat's effort, besides listing out relevant schemes for your region, is to provide you with detailed information about eligibility for the scheme, person in-charge, and the documents necessary for application. For your convenience and ease of use, the list of schemes is separated into various sections like Agriculture, Vehicle Purchase, etc.

In case you have any doubts or questions, please use our Ask an Expert section, and send the queries related to any scheme to our Expert. We will make every effort to solve your problems and provide the required information to you at your TARAkendra. You may also notify your TARAkendra owner about your question and he can forward it to us. Your feedback and comments are valuable to us.

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