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  Reading Glasses

TARAhaat is working with SCOJO as their partner to facilitate the process faster and sustainable to achieve the common goal.


     “SCOJO is broadening global access to reading glasses, training local entrepreneurs and improving overall quality of life.”

   Nearly 1.6 billion people living in the developing world need  reading glasses, but less than 5% have access to affordable  options.


  • Increase the number of people with access to affordable reading glasses.
  • Create jobs for local entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate access to comprehensive eye care.
SCOJO does following activities to achieve the above mentioned mission and goal:-
  • Develop markets for reading glasses at the base of the economic pyramid.
  • Select, train, equip and fund local entrepreneurs to establish new businesses that sell reading glasses.
  • Provide high-quality, affordable reading glasses for our programs.
  • Bring reading glasses and referral services directly to the customer at the village level.
  • Conduct innovative and locally relevant social marketing campaigns to raise awareness about blurry up-close vision.
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