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  TARAakshar - Literacy Program
 What is TARAakshar?
     In 2005, we developed our own Hindi literacy program that would take a very short time with minimal dropout rates. We called it TaraAkshar. The program has been a stunning success. We now have around 270 literacy teaching centres across some of the poorest, most illiterate areas of North India. We train local people to run Tara Akshar on completely illiterate women. Tara Akshar takes a 100 minutes a day for 30 days. At day 30, almost all students (most of whom had never been to school) can read at about 10 words per minute, AND can write readable Hindi (Devanagari) script. After that, with practice they increase their reading speed.
   We have a highly structured network of Master Trainers, Quality Controllers and Instructors to administer this. All personnel are thoroughly trained on our proprietary intensive training courses. All students are tested with written comprehension tests. All activities are closely monitored with full reporting.

The importance of Tara Akshar is as follows:

  • We think this is the fastest, most effective literacy program in India, and perhaps the world.


  • The 400 million illiterates and semi-literates in India now have
    some hope of becoming literate in their lifetime.
  • We have developed and proved a unique sophiscated workable management and monitoring system that can be applied to other development projects.
  • The payback in women's empowerment, as well as the increased potential for capacity training, is enormous.
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For further information, please go to the TARAAkshar website

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