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  You and the Police:

The police are for our protection and assistance. The laws of the country govern them...


You and the Police

  • The police are for our protection and assistance. The laws of the country govern them.
  • Never go to the police station alone. Your relatives or your community worker should accompany you.
  • Never show the police that you are scared of them.
  • Insist that a FIR be lodged. Just lodging a complaint is not enough. Complaints can be destroyed, but once a FIR is lodged, the police have to take immediate action.
  • If the person at the police station refuses to lodge the FIR, approach higher police officials like the DIG, ACP or the District Magistrate.
  • Remember to note down the name of the officer dealing with you. If you do not know how to read or write, then note the number of stars or bars on his uniform. This helps to identify the officer who has not done his duty.
  • After the FIR has been written, please ask the police officer to read it out to you. You should then sign or put your thumb impression. Never sign or put your thumb impression on any blank paper.
  • Get a copy of the FIR. It is free of cost.

In case of your arrest:

  • Ask the police the reason for your arrest.
  • The police are not allowed to hit or beat you to get a confession. Your statement will be recorded and signed only by the magistrate.
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