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  Using ICT For EDS(The process)

                                                                          The EDS Process Flow


  1. Entrepreneur comes to the local TARAkendra through outreach/mobilisation activities.
  2. Entrepreneur is shown an introductory multi-media presentation on entrepreneurship opportunities.
  3. Entrepreneur details are recorded by the TARAkendra and logged in the MIS system.
  4. Entrepreneur details are sent to the TARAguru through the Ask the Expert system.
  5. TARAguru advises on the suitability of the enterprise package and suggests what the entrepreneur should do next.Entrepreneur attends training sessions using CBT and face to face interaction with the TARAguru.
  6. Entrepreneur evaluates the market for his/her self using the EDS learning through local market research, searching the FAQ database, Peer-to-Peer information network and the Internet.
  7. Entrepreneur attends hands on training on the management skills, technical tools and production processes.
  8. Entrepreneur clears his/her doubts by interacting through e-mail or on-line with the TARAguru from the local TARAkendra.
  9. TARAkendra helps the entrepreneur set up the enterprise including links to technology suppliers and applications to financial institutions.
  10. Entrepreneur resolves on-going problems (technical, marketing, financial or managerial) through the FAQ, Ask the Expert and Peer-to-Peer information system.
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