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India is mainly an agricultural country with nearly 62 percent of the population dependent  on agriculture for their livelihood.
  • Agriculture accounts for approximately 33 percent of India's GDP.
  • Improved farming techniques and the use of irrigation and high-yield grains have greatly increased India's agricultural output.
  • TARAhaat aims to provide the rural population of India with information  on every issue related to agriculture.
  • This site is your ready reckoner for information on plants, plant diseases, types of farming, use of pesticides and herbicides etc
  • Apart from having a vast reservoir of information, TARAhaat keeps you regular 
    updated on various agriculture related Government schemes, their details, duration of offer and eligibility.
  • Availing these schemes will be beneficial to you and our Kendra in-charge will assist you in procuring other details, thus saving your time and energy.  

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