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  Points to be considered while adopting the practise
Points to be considered while adopting the practise
  • Under shade giving trees always plant shade loving crops. E.g under a fully grown mango tree a tumeric crop can be grown. But, in the initial years when the tree is young and does not give enough shade other crops can also be planted.
  • Where ever paddy cultivation is in practice, water logging resistant trees should be planted. E.g Arjun tree.
  •  With nitrogen fixing trees like Subabool, application of nitrogenous fertilizer (urea) is reduced to almost half.
  • The spacing between tree rows should be sufficient to allow easy cultivation of agriculture crops and a tractor or bullock plough should be able to pass through it .
  • While selecting the trees and crops for the practice, care should be taken that the root zone of trees and crops should not be on one level and there should be sufficient distance between them to prevent competition for nutrients and moisture. E.g Poplar can be grown with most of the agricultural crops as it has a deep tap root system.
  • While selecting the trees for the practice, it must also be considered that only those trees be planted which shed their leaves in winter so that maximum sunlight is available for agriculture crops and in summer they retain their leaves and prevent the crops from getting excessive sunlight.
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